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Uchiha Itachi ~ Sightless
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Character information-
Name: Uchiha Itachi
Age: 20
Character Background:
Born into a wealthy family occupying its own district in the part of the city known as Leaf, Uchiha Itachi showed himself to be a precocious child at an early age, picking up speech and motor skills far faster than any other children in his age group. He was routinely skipped ahead in school, and outside of school, he was pushed into dozens of extracurricular activities; sports, theater, music, debate. Everything he did he excelled at; at thirteen, he was in his junior year of high school, and many universities had their eye on him already for both academia and sports scholarships. Itachi was offered full rides to many of the more prestigious establishments.

The only family members Itachi was terribly close to were his cousin, Shisui, and his younger brother Sasuke. Shisui was a confidante, the closest thing to a friend that Itachi had (more than that, some said). Sasuke idolized his brother, and while Itachi was always too busy to really pay him attention he seemed to take note of this fact and act more kindly toward Sasuke than their own father. He seemed to be the only one who realized that Sasuke was just as talented as he was.

His father, Uchiha Fugaku, was the one pushing him into all the activities and special advanced programs. Fugaku was intensely proud of his firstborn son, and as a policeman encouraged Itachi to follow in his footsteps. Every accomplishment of Itachi’s was met with Fugaku saying it was just what he expected of a son of his. There was no love between father and son; only a cold sense of expectancy.

Around this time, Shisui went missing. His body eventually turned up in an irrigation canal near his house. The police scoured his body for evidence of the killer, but could find none; whoever had killed him had known what to do. Given that Itachi was closest to him, he was not only a witness to Shisui’s actions just before his death but also a prime suspect; however, under much pressure from the family his name was cleared.

After this, Itachi became more and more ‘unbalanced’ over time, such that Fugaku and his wife Mikoto considered withdrawing Itachi from some of the programs he’d been enrolled in. He was monitored closely and made to go see a therapist, who constantly reported that the boy was simply stressed and dealing with the trauma of losing a close friend.

Perhaps it was this emotionlessness that drove Itachi to do what he did. One day, while Sasuke was at an after-school program, Itachi took up the sword he’d been given for his thirteenth birthday and used the martial arts that he’d been enrolled in since he could walk to slaughter the Uchiha family members in the district, saving his parents for last. He killed Fugaku just as Sasuke walked in.

To his youngest brother, Itachi confessed that all the brotherly things they’d done together were only an act; he’d long ago lost faith in their family. He left Sasuke alive to tell what he’d done, and vanished, becoming one of the Leaf’s most wanted criminals. It was said he’d escaped that night before his deed had been reported, or at least gone so deep into hiding that he’d never be found. Geniuses like Itachi found it too easy to evade the authorities.

An underground organization known as Akatsuki heard of Itachi, and invited him to join their elite team of other criminals. He became the Sacrifice half of the pair Sightless, his Fighter being Kisame. The two of them developed a fine working relationship, probably the best in the entire organization.

In a fight that left him with the twin scars on his cheeks, Itachi’s eyes were struck and damaged, and although he can still see reasonably well, he requires glasses to see with the clarity he used to. He didn’t let it affect him though. Someone with his talent and promise has endless options, always.

If ever there was a man with a perfect poker face, Itachi would be that man. His thoughts are his own, and he rarely—if ever—voices them, the rare instances being when he is particularly annoyed. He is a genius, cold and calculating, and if he thinks you’re in his way he will not hesitate to eliminate you in one way or another. The ends justify the means, but only as long as the ends are in accordance with what Itachi’s goals are, or are a step along the way. He will play along with something as long as it suits his interests. This cold factuality means that Itachi will rarely lie, as there’s no point in it; if he has something to say, he will say it regardless.

He is a merciless fighter; the only things that will force him to forfeit would be dire injury or an obvious standoff. Itachi is patient and able to bide his time, thinking clearly in a fight. He is a born leader, and puts this to good use on the battlefield.

Short Description: Itachi has medium-length black hair and black eyes; not overly muscled, but lithe and well-built. Many people would call him handsome, even though he puts the minimum effort into his appearance. It just doesn’t interest him. He has twin scars running diagonally from the corners of his eyes to halfway down his cheeks, the result of damage taken in a fight.

Itachi does not have his ears or tail anymore (and who he lost them to is up for debate, since wild horses wouldn’t drag a name out of him).

Sample RP Post:

Itachi sat at the café, sipping his coffee. There were up-sides to being a genius, he thought idly; in his black suit and tie, he could be anyone from a college student to a businessman on break, to a government official getting coffee before pulling a late night. The laptop and cell phone added to whatever illusion he wove. He could blend in and disappear whenever he wanted.

This façade he maintained hid his true intentions; usually he was not sent out on solo jobs, but these small odd things he was more than capable of handling. On his left arm there was a spring-loaded knife launcher; down his spine, a wicked long knife, and even if those were taken away from him he was more than prepared to defend himself. Although he rather missed his Fighter; Kisame-san was a fine companion and a fine warrior, one of the few people Itachi would trust if he trusted anyone at all.

Getting up, Itachi got up to get a refill. The girl behind the counter flirted with him, smiling too wide when she handed him his change. Itachi took it without looking her in the face and waited patiently by the counter, keeping an eye on his things outside. The baristo smiled at him in that too-wide way.

“Enjoy your drink, sir,” he said too cheerfully, wrapping a napkin around the cup so it wouldn’t be too hot to handle.

“I will, thank you,” Itachi replied as politely as he could, took the cup, and left. Looking at the napkin as he sat down outside, he smirked; there was a number written on it in the grease pencil they used to mark the cups with the order. He tossed it in the trash can.

Five minutes later, his e-mail pinged. Opening it, Itachi replied immediately, and packed up his things. He had a job to do.