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Uchiha Itachi ~ Sightless
The idea of a martial arts tournament intrigues me.  I believe I may participate.

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*sitting at another outside cafe, sipping his coffee*

Perhaps medical will cover the laser surgery...

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Optometrist said that the eye surgery would be a very delicate procedure, as the location of the damage would bring the correcting laser very close to shoop da whooping my optical nerves.  There would be a high risk of going permanently blind.  She said that I needn't make a decision right away.

She adjusted the bend in my glasses as well, and checked over the other glasses.

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Last job a success, as usual.

Appointment with optometrist at three.  Hopefully this method will fix the problem; fighting in this condition presents many risks that could be exploited.  In the meantime, I should get my glasses adjusted as well; falling asleep on them was not beneficial to the integrity of their structure.  One leg is bent approximately ten degrees off.

No word on S from contact.

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